The beauty of mortal things pass, but not the beauty of art. Leonardo da Vinci
Asking for the function of art means as much as asking young boys and girls for the sense of sex. Hagiwara Sakutaro
Poetry and art are the only witnesses of times. Maria Dąbrowska
Quantity and rush are not an artist’s friends. Sławomir Mrożek
Art requires recognition. Cicero
New art serves artists, old art - recipients. Stefan Kisielewski



We have been doing conservation works long since 1989 and we are happy to help at

projects related to:


• Preparation of documents required by National Agency for the Historic Monument Protection in order to receive any necessary permissions for an execution of conservation works and restoration approvals.

• Consulting within construction works carried out on the areas covered by historic preservation maintenance.

Preparation of conservation programmes.

• Research works, prior to start of, and accompanying the investment.

• Execution of conservation works.

• Conservation supervision.

• Preparation of post-completion conservation documentation.


Not only does our offer include a full range of operations, but also a consulting in execution of tasks required by National Agency for the Historic Monument Protection. We guarantee a professional approach to all conservation works.